Note from the Director

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 8th edition of the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada!

We are delighted to be back in 2024 with an exceptional selection of films. We are also very pleased to welcome special guests from Lebanon, the United States, and Canada. These renowned figures from the film and theater industry honor us with their presence, and we look forward to you meeting them!

At the FFLC, our goal is to present the best of Lebanese cinema to the Canadian public and to promote intercultural exchanges. Driven by our passion for art and dialogue, we are honored to be the main destination for Lebanese cinema in Canada and North America.

Our program offers a diverse range of activities, which we are confident will foster a better understanding and greater appreciation of the unique voices and perspectives of Lebanese cinema.

For seven years, we have been committed to promoting intercultural exchanges and highlighting the new generation of filmmakers, as well as Lebanese culture. This edition is no exception, and we are eager to contribute to a more engaged, informed, and connected world.

Celebrating cultural diversity is like possessing a treasure chest filled with unique stories, ideas, and creativity from around the world. It is not only about appreciating diverse art, music, food, and languages, but also about respecting each other’s beliefs and fostering inclusion. Just as a variety of plants and animals is necessary for a healthy environment, our world thrives when we embrace the colorful mix of cultures.

We perceive culture as a vast window opening onto a country’s history, while cultural exchange acts as a friendly bridge bringing individuals and communities closer together. It is a sharing of stories, arts, and moments of our daily lives for better understanding and mutual appreciation. This is the magic of cultural diplomacy – a way for countries and people to connect, cooperate, and learn from each other.

This is why the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada has been collaborating with numerous partners since 2017. We strive to create a space where different cultures meet, blend, and celebrate the fantastic diversity that makes our world so vibrant!

On behalf of our team, we welcome you to the 8th edition of the FFLC.

Enjoy the Festival.

Hay-Love Hadchiti
Festival Director