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In 2017, the first edition of the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada (LFFC) launched in Montreal and Ottawa. The following year, the festival took place in Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles. The objective to introduce Lebanese cinema and filmmakers to a North American audience was well on its way. There are plans in the works to include two additional Canadian cities to the itinerary – Calgary and Edmonton – thus reaching a wider audience and more communities across the country.

The Lebanese Film Festival in Canada aims to reach the widest possible audience. We have therefore initiated collaborations with the consulates of Lebanon in Canada, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport of Ontario, as well as several exclusive collaborations with:

  • Festival Nouveau Cinéma: for an exclusive screening of the 2018 Oscar-nominated Lebanese film Capharnaum and a 2020 Canadian premiere of the documentary “Khamsin”
  • LDE North America Edition Montréal
  • Cinemania Festival for a World Premiere screening in 2020 of the film La Face Cachée du Baklava
  • Festival du monde Arabe à Montréal 2020
  • Concordia Film Festival 2021
  • Syrian, Egyptian and Greek communities: special screenings of films showcasing collaborations and connections between each respective country and Lebanon.

In addition, we have initiated academic collaborations with the University of Ottawa/ ACANs, Concordia University in Montreal, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Saint Mary University in Halifax, and the University of Toronto. Students are given the opportunity to view short films during classes and then participate in discussions and Q&As with special guests.

Film is a very powerful artform that is accessible to all. Unlike many other mediums, film creates a sense of immediate involvement and interaction. The Lebanese Film Festival in Canada aims to introduce a different fact of Lebanese culture to Canadians, to bridge the gap between the two cultures, and emphasise the power of the arts in a complex world.
Countless people are involved with the LFFC in several major cities. We have a Board of directors, a board of friends, festival committees, volunteers, and their involvement comes from a need to remain connected to their roots, a willingness to give back to the communities and a love for meeting new people. The circle grows with each passing year and has crossed the borders to reach Paris and Lebanon.
We are proud of the success LFFC has achieved since its inception in 2017 and look forward to featuring Lebanese films all across North America in the years to come.