DAY 4 (MONDAY June 10) at 5:30 Canada

The Landmarks of Memory
Christina Hajjar
A tattoo ritual and hookah session memorializes a pre-war florist. After seeing its storefront in archival footage of the Lebanese Civil War, a first-generation daughter seeks information and connection to place. Scenes of 1976 Beirut are paired with today’s developed landscape, while roses are etched and coconut coals burn in a snowy diasporic setting.
Still Grieving
Carl Haddad
Left in a 400sqm house, a grieving sixty-year-old lady is forced to let go of her memories and her father's legacy.
Somewhere in between
Dahlia Nemlich
Facing their imminent separation, Elias and Christiane dive into their memories for one final goodbye.
Pieces of Time
Yasmine a 9-year-old girl, who loves to film on her little camera, retraces back memories with her father, together on their road trip to their olive tree land, many events happen, good and bad. However, we realize that the dad was watching memories of his daughter. Then, he goes on a walk with an empty mind yet full of suicidal thoughts. He arrives at a place where the cliff meets the sea and when on the edge of the cliff he hears his daughter's voice and backs off.
If the sun drowned into an ocean of clouds
Beirut, Lebanon. On the waterfront’s construction site, security agent Raed must prevent passing-by walkers from accessing the seaside. Yet as the horizon becomes each day more stifled by the construction, Raed makes peculiar encounters — mere dreams, or symbols of his desires?
Bon Apoutine
Ludovic is from Quebec. He travels the world with his "skouik-skouik" cheese and have one goal in mind : introduce people to a typical meal from his neighbourhood called "poutine". A pretext to meet “ordinary people” - off the beaten track - to open the door to their homes... And eat this extraordinary poutine! It will also be an opportunity to discover destinations from another angle, beyond the clichés. Bon Apoutine aims to promote another vision of travel, humanist, made up of encounters rather than a collection of places. And, why not, break certain preconceived ideas!