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The Mission of the Festival

The history and spirit of a nation are reflected in its culture through art. One of those artforms is storytelling through film, whose accessibility and versatility allows it to open the door to artistic exchange, mutual cooperation, and understanding.

Over the years, the Festival has remained faithful to its founding purpose: to draw attention to and raise the profile of Lebanese Cinema and films, with the aim of celebrating it and contributing towards its development in Lebanon and around the world.

We have created a platform for professionals and amateurs alike to exchange ideas, express thoughts on artistic innovations, get inspired, and share their love for film. The festival welcomes local and international filmmakers, actors, performers, media personalities, cinema and media students, educators, academics, and more.

The LFFC will offer the audience the best of cinema in the form of shorts, features, documentaries and fiction from Lebanon, Canada, and around the world. Our event will celebrate filmmaking in all its forms, hence the number of initiatives taken to promote future talent.

Our Red Carpet event is the part of the festival that draws the most media attention. It is an opportunity to give a special welcome to some of the world’s greatest film artists, as well as emerging talent, and to honour the artists on whom the Festival depends. Artists from an ever growing list of countries are invited to showcase the richness of the film industry in their respective countries and to give their own interpretation of the world. The festival is dedicated to being a voice for change by showing films that bring awareness to social and global issues.

Films released in Canada through the LFFC have enabled audiences to have a special experience complete with Q&A, discussions, workshops, seminars, interviews, masterclasses, and debates. The screenings illustrate the challenges facing cinematographic education, the realities of filmmaking in the digital age and the exchange of ideas in an informal setting.

While maintaining a solid connection with its past, the Festival is ready to take on new and original concepts. Over the past 5 years, it has evolved all the while seeking to preserve its core values: celebrating film, discovering new talent, and bringing together professionals from around the world.

The LFFC is a dynamic event, evolving and adapting with each edition with the hope of being a reflection of its time.