DAY 1 (Friday 7 June 2024) at 7pm

I Have Dreamed Carthage
Director: Cyril Nehmé
Maïa, a young opera singer, is on stage for her first performance. As she starts singing the main aria from "Dido and Aeneas", she finds herself struck with an epiphany moment.
Director: Romy Choueiri, Dolly Choueiri
Elie is troubled by the many sacrifices his father made in the past to ensure him a better life. But maybe their love of music and Elie’s recent encounter with a young woman by the name of Elsa might help them both find ways to reconnect.
Still Grieving
Left in a 400sqm house, a grieving sixty-year-old lady is forced to let go of her memories and her father's legacy.

Director: Carl Haddad
white burden
Nabil, a sick old man who works as a carpenter, and his son Elio, a deaf-mute teenager, are on their way to deliver a white coffin. On their way, the engine falters and stops along a straight route. Nabil checks the engine and realizes that it is not fixable on the spot, so he tries to call for help but has no signal on his phone. Frustrated and being short on time, he decides to carry the coffin and continue their journey on foot, which was fortunately cut short.

Director: Andrew Abdo
Sisters of the Rotation
At Sisters of the Rotation’s convent, the Earth doesn’t spin by itself.

Director: Michel ZARAZIR, Gaby ZARAZIR